Do you need wi-fi connection to check whether your self-service check-in information has arrived into your email or WhatsApp?

  1. Log-in to our one-time wi-fi network “Alfons contactless” with password: welcome10
  2. Check your mailbox or application of the portal through which you have created the reservation
  3. In case you have received the self-checkin details please follow the steps in the message
  4. In case you have not received self-service check-in information in your email box or in WhatsApp message in your phone or if your travel agency, which arranged your stay, did not informed you about the self-service procedure please contact our 24/7 Helpdesk by phone or WhatsApp at phone number +420 724 766 667

WI-FI “Alfons contactless” is a short-term temporary connection ONLY for downloading self-service details. After successful check-in to the hotel, we will ask you to log out of the WI-FI “Alfons contactless”. As our guest please use official “Hotel Alfons” Wi-Fi connection. You can find the password for the hotel wi-fi in the hotel room.